I need new KC friends who are down to smoke, chill, watch movies, and eat a shit ton of food.

I just need a cute, nice, funny KC boy. Someone who wants to be with me, but does his own thing and gives me space. Someone who can be my best friend, but I can come home, smoke, cuddle, and have great sex with. That’s impossible to find, I swear.

Lawrence tomorrow to see the only ginger I would ever consider dating. His gorgeous blue eyes, unf. But it’ll be fun. Going to his friend’s partying, cuddling that night <3 Love my life.

Tonight, I’d kill to just kick it with someone chill. No drama, no bullshit, just relaxing and fun. And if someone were to cuddle, that’d be bomb as fuck too. This empty apartment all weekend is getting boring and lonely :(

I just need to find a cute boy in KC to cuddle with. For real. I’m sick of being lonely.