If someone were to buy me a plane ticket to go see PTV and SWS this fall with them since no shows are in the area, I’d pay for my own ticket to the show. I’d buy the weed and the alcohol. It would be a hell of a good time, I’m just saying.

We thought it’d be funny to take the AA survey on alcohol. 8 Y’s, 4 N’s.

Did you answer YES four or more times? If so, you are probably in trouble with alcohol.”

Fuck you AA.

My current thoughts…

I shouldn’t have come to the hookah bar. I haven’t even started on my script for my video class tomorrow at 8 am or my mission statement for my business plan for my 1 pm class. Trent is slowly learning I like a full glass of ice and little bit of water. I only drink water at the hookah bar. I hate girls who have to be clingy with their boyfriend when he’s sitting right next to her, like fuck. This girl is annoying, but she said she’d bring whipped cream UV or Everclear tomorrow. I’m ready for gummy bear vodka tomorrow with my roomies. I hate fighting with people. It ruins my day. I’m always cold and I wanna show off my cute shirt from my shopping spree, but I get hot spurts. Luckily I wore a cute hoodie too. Tumblr is too distracting. Weeeee.