I love coming home. It’s been over two months since I last was in the SK and so far it’s been great. I miss my friends back here so bad. Blacked out Wednesday, tipsy Thursday, and ready for the weekend to continue. I love surprising my family when they don’t know I’m coming home and seeing my cute as fuck puppy. Ugh. Oh, and home cooking. NOMNOMNOM.

I hate coming home because the Internet is so so slow, and I get a parent lecture the day before I leave that usually puts me in tears and a shitty mood.

I can’t sleep though so message me and let’s talk lovelies :)

I’m pretty disappointed in myself for leaving my steak and all those delicious rolls on the table after I left Texas Roadhouse the other night when my parents came up and took me out to din din. Steak sounds so yummy right now. No, no, no….FOOD sounds so yummy right now.

  • Best surprise ever tonight, My dad texted me at 6:
  • Dad: So whatcha doing? Workin or partying?
  • Me: Working. Getting ready to close. haha. Wbu?
  • Dad: Going to the KU game in St Louis. Can I pay u back for supper tonite?
  • Me: What are you talking about? KU doesn't play til tomorrow.
  • Dad: Yeah we r on our way to kc to spend the nite & head to St Louis in the morn. U up for dinner with ur family? We r 25 miles from Topeka.
  • Seriously the best text conversation I've had in awhile. I haven't seen my family since I went home last for my brother's birthday back in January. After everything that has happened between us the past few months with fights and arguments and disagreements, I'm so glad that things are getting better. My little brother is already taller than me. My mom didn't even recognize that I colored my hair but commented on how my hair smells "delicious." I just really needed that after all the stress and negativity this week. I can't wipe a smile of my damn face. So disappointed that I can't be at the game with them tomorrow due to work tomorrow night : ( It'd be sick seeing the one game I really wanted the whole tournament: KU vs. UNC. Rock Chalk.