I need new KC friends who are down to smoke, chill, watch movies, and eat a shit ton of food.

Things are finally starting to look up…

Today was damn near about the perfect day.

1. Payday

2. Got out of class super early

3. Went to Manhattan

4. Smoked hella lot

5. Cajun food

6. Had a good cuddle buddy applicant

7. Started talking to a super sweet guy who I’ve always seen at parties I’ve been at back home, we just never actually talked. Talked all night last night until I passed out, saw him today, and even though I was quiet as fuck cause I was high and was shy as fuck, he still texted me after I left. Like you are winning sir, I will come see you again next week.

8. Found out my best friend and I are getting our own apartment just the 2 of us next week. Fuck other roommates bitches

9. Got back to the city and got Taco Bell.

Time for a shower and bed :)

What is up with guys thinking that my every move is dedicated to them. Some guy I started talking was super chill and super nice. Pulled out all the normal stops: good morning and good night texts, calling me beautiful, whatever. Then he gets all fucking controlling: Bring me food, send me a pic I miss you, call me babe cause I call you babe. Like fuck off bro. We’re talking. I’m not that fucking interested in you yet. I’m not your bitch. Fuck off and lose my number. Maybe I should be a bitch instead of really nice when I start talking to guys and let them break the shell to get to know the real me? Just kidding.

I just want somebody to make me breakfast, especially scrambled eggs cause that sounds fire, give me a shoulder massage and tell me sweet things, cuddle with me and watch (500) Days of Summer, give me forehead kisses and fall asleep right now.

I hate being a horrible lonely person.

I love coming home. It’s been over two months since I last was in the SK and so far it’s been great. I miss my friends back here so bad. Blacked out Wednesday, tipsy Thursday, and ready for the weekend to continue. I love surprising my family when they don’t know I’m coming home and seeing my cute as fuck puppy. Ugh. Oh, and home cooking. NOMNOMNOM.

I hate coming home because the Internet is so so slow, and I get a parent lecture the day before I leave that usually puts me in tears and a shitty mood.

I can’t sleep though so message me and let’s talk lovelies :)

I’m pretty disappointed in myself for leaving my steak and all those delicious rolls on the table after I left Texas Roadhouse the other night when my parents came up and took me out to din din. Steak sounds so yummy right now. No, no, no….FOOD sounds so yummy right now.

Thank God for all the gift cards my grandparents keep sending me to food places. I have 94 cents in my account until payday Friday. A girl’s gotta eat. Damn.

It’s 1:20 am, and I’m starving. Everyone is asleep, and knowing me, I couldn’t tiptoe to the kitchen quietly without tripping or stumbling. Fuuudge, I just want to eat. :|