Things are finally starting to look up…

Today was damn near about the perfect day.

1. Payday

2. Got out of class super early

3. Went to Manhattan

4. Smoked hella lot

5. Cajun food

6. Had a good cuddle buddy applicant

7. Started talking to a super sweet guy who I’ve always seen at parties I’ve been at back home, we just never actually talked. Talked all night last night until I passed out, saw him today, and even though I was quiet as fuck cause I was high and was shy as fuck, he still texted me after I left. Like you are winning sir, I will come see you again next week.

8. Found out my best friend and I are getting our own apartment just the 2 of us next week. Fuck other roommates bitches

9. Got back to the city and got Taco Bell.

Time for a shower and bed :)