I have class 6-10 :( Message me so I have something sweet to come home to? Yes? <3

Advanced warning guys: I’m probably not going to be on near as much as normal. I’m going home tomorrow after my last final and my internet back there sucks and I’m usually never home at night. Monday I’m going to Florida and won’t be back til the next Sunday. I’ll have my phone so I can still somewhat update, but I love you guys <3

I had a great time last night. Alex, the new cuddle buddy, drove up last night from Lawrence and we went to the hookah bar for a bit and bullshitted. Came home and watched Never Back Down and cuddled. Ahhh, it was so perfect. I’ve missed falling asleep next to someone. He won’t come up tonight though and I can’t afford to go down there so looks like I’m shit outta luck. Fuuuuck, I need a cuddle buddy who’s in KC :(

  • Diaz: What're you doing?
  • Me: Hookah bar. You?
  • Diaz: Blunt crib. hahahaha
  • This is why I miss home. I miss smoking with my boys. I can't wait to go back this weekend and see everyone : )

Ryan Sheckler is going to be in Kansas City the weekend I’m supposed to go home. I’m really tempted to pass going home until I’m supposed to go to Florida to see one of the most attractive men skate. Ugh, but I really miss my best friend and my little brother and my parents. I guess I’ll settle for watching him on TV back home with the boys?

I love coming home. It’s been over two months since I last was in the SK and so far it’s been great. I miss my friends back here so bad. Blacked out Wednesday, tipsy Thursday, and ready for the weekend to continue. I love surprising my family when they don’t know I’m coming home and seeing my cute as fuck puppy. Ugh. Oh, and home cooking. NOMNOMNOM.

I hate coming home because the Internet is so so slow, and I get a parent lecture the day before I leave that usually puts me in tears and a shitty mood.

I can’t sleep though so message me and let’s talk lovelies :)

Somebody come over. I’m all alone and so bored :(