• Best surprise ever tonight, My dad texted me at 6:
  • Dad: So whatcha doing? Workin or partying?
  • Me: Working. Getting ready to close. haha. Wbu?
  • Dad: Going to the KU game in St Louis. Can I pay u back for supper tonite?
  • Me: What are you talking about? KU doesn't play til tomorrow.
  • Dad: Yeah we r on our way to kc to spend the nite & head to St Louis in the morn. U up for dinner with ur family? We r 25 miles from Topeka.
  • Seriously the best text conversation I've had in awhile. I haven't seen my family since I went home last for my brother's birthday back in January. After everything that has happened between us the past few months with fights and arguments and disagreements, I'm so glad that things are getting better. My little brother is already taller than me. My mom didn't even recognize that I colored my hair but commented on how my hair smells "delicious." I just really needed that after all the stress and negativity this week. I can't wipe a smile of my damn face. So disappointed that I can't be at the game with them tomorrow due to work tomorrow night : ( It'd be sick seeing the one game I really wanted the whole tournament: KU vs. UNC. Rock Chalk.

Late night drives always make me miss home. Whether it’s one of those nights where we just drove around the city, screaming at the top of our lungs to songs, with me threatening to hop out of the backseat if I didn’t get a cookie (Jarred and Krisanna will never let me live that one down), driving to just vent and talk with one of the guys to get things off my chest, or late night munchies after partying, picking Haase, Moreland, and whoever else up from the side of the road drunk off their asses from Hatfield’s. Haase always knew he could call me cause I’d be up and out. I just miss my friends immensely lately. It sucks not talking to my parents, and especially my little brother. Back when life was simple, but I had way less freedom. Hmph.

I love one of my best friends, Jordan. Even after just a simple post, he can text me and tell me to cheer up and let me vent. No matter how sucky his past few days have been, he listens, reminds me that it’s not that bad, and cheers me up. I miss the boys from home so bad. Can all of you move in with me? Oh shit, that’d be so much fun.