Leave me questions while I’m out at the hookah bar? Pleeeease :)

It’ll make a great end to today <3

I had a great time last night. Alex, the new cuddle buddy, drove up last night from Lawrence and we went to the hookah bar for a bit and bullshitted. Came home and watched Never Back Down and cuddled. Ahhh, it was so perfect. I’ve missed falling asleep next to someone. He won’t come up tonight though and I can’t afford to go down there so looks like I’m shit outta luck. Fuuuuck, I need a cuddle buddy who’s in KC :(

  • Diaz: What're you doing?
  • Me: Hookah bar. You?
  • Diaz: Blunt crib. hahahaha
  • This is why I miss home. I miss smoking with my boys. I can't wait to go back this weekend and see everyone : )

I think I just found my new best friend. We’re going out tonight. It’ll be nice to have another girl who’s chill to kick it with. Plus, it’ll get my mind off everything. All that’s been playing is those sad, stupid songs. Not helping at all. I need a cheer-me-up :)

Some guy told me tonight at the hookah bar that he knows me. I was really confused because I had never seen the kid before. He continues to rant on about he knows me because we’re Facebook friends. That kind of means I don’t know you, bro.

I love how we’re at the hookah bar and Trent is going around taking pictures for Sinbad’s Facebook page. He realizes the on-camera flash is on and doesn’t know how to turn it off, so he instantly hands it to me. hahahahahahaha.

Great night with wonderful people, Jager, Bud Light, hookah, and loaded gummy bears. As much as the downs in life have been hitting me lately, I’m thankful for the people who help bring me back up (even if it sometimes only lasts for a night.) Love you lovelies.

This guy at the hookah bar just told me I look British. Zomg, day made.

Honestly, this has been one of the first nights I have enjoyed myself and been happy in quite some time. Lights off, dance party with the roomies, Trent, and Sami at the hookah bar couldn’t have been any more of a pick-me-up. I can only hope that these nights turn into days and this continues.

But time to stick to the regular schedule and find a movie to fall asleep to for a few hours before a long weekend.