I love coming home. It’s been over two months since I last was in the SK and so far it’s been great. I miss my friends back here so bad. Blacked out Wednesday, tipsy Thursday, and ready for the weekend to continue. I love surprising my family when they don’t know I’m coming home and seeing my cute as fuck puppy. Ugh. Oh, and home cooking. NOMNOMNOM.

I hate coming home because the Internet is so so slow, and I get a parent lecture the day before I leave that usually puts me in tears and a shitty mood.

I can’t sleep though so message me and let’s talk lovelies :)

I need cute puppy names. Help?

Jordan and I mutually agreed on Goblin if it’s a boy, but I need girl names.

I just want to get my new puppy. I’ll be less lonely, I won’t miss my pup from home as much, I’ll have someone to cuddle with, and I’ll just be lots happier. Someone help me come up with names!