If someone were to buy me a plane ticket to go see PTV and SWS this fall with them since no shows are in the area, I’d pay for my own ticket to the show. I’d buy the weed and the alcohol. It would be a hell of a good time, I’m just saying.

I just wanna have someone to talk to tonight. Someone message me and I’ll answer private, pwease?

Tonight, I’d kill to just kick it with someone chill. No drama, no bullshit, just relaxing and fun. And if someone were to cuddle, that’d be bomb as fuck too. This empty apartment all weekend is getting boring and lonely :(

Another sleepless night. Someone. Let’s talk.

I had a great time last night. Alex, the new cuddle buddy, drove up last night from Lawrence and we went to the hookah bar for a bit and bullshitted. Came home and watched Never Back Down and cuddled. Ahhh, it was so perfect. I’ve missed falling asleep next to someone. He won’t come up tonight though and I can’t afford to go down there so looks like I’m shit outta luck. Fuuuuck, I need a cuddle buddy who’s in KC :(

Ooooh and now someone to cuddle with? Yes!? Eeek. That’d be perfect.

So my wonderful followers…

One of you should choose a movie for me to fall asleep to tonight. Make it good, pwease :) Go, go, go.

I really wish I had someone to come over, cuddle, and watch Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with me. I just adore this movie and cuddling. Takers?