I’ve come up with my summer plan. No love, no boys. Just working on my tan and doing more paintings. The one guy I want to be with, I messed up and lost his trust so I’m just gonna give him his space. Let him do his thing. If he meant all his words, he’ll come back. If not, I’ll move on and find someone later in life. I just hate caring. I hate walking away and having no one fight for me. It’s weird because I’ve entrusted and become really good friend with my ex lately about all this. I’ve cried on his shoulder. All my friends realize that this guy is different because normally I just get a new guy and move on. I never fight this hard for a guy. But I’m excited. No boy to focus on, means I can lay out by the pool without my phone, read a good book, soak up the sun and get darker than dark this summer. Just what I need to break hearts :) baha.